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Photography can be both descriptive and interpretive. In my "commercial period," I used images to convey information objectively and accurately, to narrate a story, a place, or a circumstance. I have since moved to seek images that allow for a subjective view. I may capture my distinctive experience of the subject, foregrounding aspects that might go unnoticed by others, emphasizing color, texture, shape, and line to evoke the unexpected. Or I might propose images with no obvious reading, prompting viewers to infuse their own interpretations - 'Skins' being a clear case. Visiting my website, you'll come across a bit of everything of the above. Still, they are all fragments of reality as I perceived it.

Winter of life.jpg

The Winter of Life 
Canon EOS 30D - Focal length: 54 mm F-number: f/11 Exposure time: 1/100

Trompe l'oeil with Variation 
Canon EOS 5D - Focal length: 70 mm F-number: f/8 Exposure time: 1/200

Uluru , Central Australia
Canon EOS 5D - Focal length: 27 mm F-number: f/3.5 Exposure time: 1/60

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